Cook With Fresh Pork

Fill your fridge with Berkshire pork in Dover-Foxcroft, ME

Whether you're in the mood for bacon or pork chops, you can get what you need from Shaw Road Farm. We produce Berkshire pork perfect for everyone from professional chefs to butchers. High-end marbled pork is easy to get when you go through us.

Berkshire pork is revered for its:

  • Juiciness
  • Rich flavor
  • Tenderness

Buy Berkshire pork from us in Dover-Foxcroft, ME today.

How the sausage gets made

Meat processors and chefs alike go to us for fresh pork meat. We raise healthy, hearty pigs to make thick cuts of pork. From our farm to your table, our pork is high-quality and great for cooking with. We give our pigs beer as part of their diet to produce a delicious, unique flavor. You'll love the taste of our pork.

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