Serve Up the Perfect Lambchop

Buy lamb meat from our farm in Dover-Foxcroft, ME

You don't have to settle for meat that's been frozen and driven all over the country. Shaw Road Farm is right here in Dover-Foxcroft, ME with plenty of fresh lamb meat. Cook up a yummy Mediterranean dish for yourself, or serve racks of lamb at your local restaurant. You can do a lot with the lamb meat we sell.

The lambs on our farm are all Finnsheep. This special breed is known for:

  • Lean, succulent meat
  • Year-round lambing
  • Prolific breeding

There's always plenty of lamb meat to go around.

Place your order at our farm in Dover-Foxcroft, ME today.

Get grass-fed lamb from our local farm

You'll notice a huge difference between our delicious grass-fed lamb and the stuff you get at the supermarket. Treat yourself to fresh lamb meat from our farm. Our lambs mob graze and enjoy a healthy, grass-fed diet.

Learn more about the grass-fed lamb we sell in Dover-Foxcroft, ME by calling now.